Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Lifestyle Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. No need for mom to worry about trying to get everyone out of the house on time! Having a session in your home requires very little effort to prepare, however there are still some things that you'll need to keep in mind.

Your lifestyle session will begin with the baby-only posed studio style portion. I will bring the studio to your home, but will need some space to set up my umbrella light, and can either pose baby on your dining table, or I'll need some space to set up my own tables. Clearing your dining table before I arrive (if you are able) may help cut down on prep time so we can start working with baby right away!

Prepare Your Home

One common worry with in-home sessions is "My house is a mess!" Luckily our lifestyle portion only requires a few key spaces. Depending on the size of your family, we need anything from a simply chair by a window, to just clearing off the nightstands of your bed, or moving some things out from behind your sofa. Most of the portraits are focusing on the connection of your family with this new little human, so your home is not the star of the show!

Once you've made a little space for us to take the family and sibling photos, the next steps you'll need to take are to prepare your baby!

  • You'll want to turn the heat up in the house much warmer than normal, up to 78* about an hour before I arrive if possible.
  • Dress baby in a loose fitting outfit with no elastic, preferably some zip up jammies.
  • If possible, spend the hour before your session giving baby a bath and then feeding baby so they have a nice full tummy when I arrive.

What do we wear?

Wardrobe is so important to create the desired look of your portraits!

Here are some tips for styling your family:

  • Keep colors light and relatively neutral.
  • Mom should wear something flowy, and easy access for breastfeeding if applicable. I have several options for Mom in my client closest!
  • Kids should be barefoot, and parents too if you're comfortable with that.

Some final tips to help your session go smoothly:

  • For young siblings, avoid activities in the morning that are prone to meltdowns when transitioning away from them (like ipads or TV)
  • Get Dad on board! Having Dad handle siblings can help mom have a calm morning to ready herself and baby.
  • If you have family in town, enlist their help with toddlers/preschoolers too!
  • Do not put lots of lotion on baby following the bath. We don't want shiny babies!